Meet Us!

With a long history of mind-boggling events and parties that’ve seen thousands of people in attendance, there must be something in our Blues artist lineup. In fact, there indeed is!

Dik Korving (NL), vocals and guitar
    Mr. Brown was an early adapter of the blues music in Holland. As a close friend to Eelco Gelling (Cuby & the Blizzards), he was introduced to and captured by the blues at a young age, inspiring him to learn the guitar. He developed into a renowned master of the slow blues. With the White Blues Band he successfully toured the European stages in the 70s and 80s. He’s been performing in front of audiences for over fifty-five years and has no intention of giving up any time soon.    
Reinhard Sämisch (DE), harmonica
Reinhard has been with the band from day one. His virtuosity on the blues harp also makes him a much sought after session musician. He played (and plays) with people like Will Foster, Steve Baker, Bob Davis and Tony Vega. Reinhard is the blues conscience of the BluesBreakers and guards the band for drifting too far from the path of true righteous blues.
Francesco Frentrop (US), vocals and keyboards.
  The youngest member of the band, but with vast experience living as a musician in three continents. He has a wide variety of musical luggage. In the Netherlands he accompanied diva’s Marjolein Keunig and Maya Hakvoort (Austria), and played with members of Het Goede Doel, Earth & Fire, Urban Heroes, Billy the Kid and The New Cool Collective. The late music critic Jip Golsteijn (Telegraaf/Oor) praised his early rock compositions (“…now this is rock ‘n’ roll. This is what I grew up with!”). In the US he played with (amongst others) Larry Garnett, Jon McCormick, and the late Australian guitar hero Dave Pollard.    
Ernst Wernicke (NL), bass and backing vocals
Ernst is the most sought after bass player on the east coast. He has been a member of the legendary beat group The Jibs for over 50 years, plays with former members of ‘Normaal’ in De Pensionados, has numerous engagements and appearances and still finds time to be the backbone of the BluesBreakers.
Eerde Kalsbeek (NL), drums
Eerde is a much sought after drummer in the greater Arnhem region. He earned his stripes by playing in bands like Original Sin, Buddy Friends, the Tim Marshall Band and Railway. As a session drummer he played with Kirsten Thien (US) and opened for Otis Redding III and Big Brother and the Holding Company.