In the night of January 31, the annual Blues Alert Dutch top 100 All Time was broadcast with the list of 2019.
Although the broadcast was overshadowed this year by the death of initiator Alice Piest, it was like every year a musical pleasure to hear all those great blues music from the Netherlands pass by. In which a small country can be large.

The BluesBreakers can count themselves among the top 3 of the active Dutch blues (together with Phill Bee’s Freedom and AJ Plug), thanks to a top 5 listing of Mercury Blues. A great performance that gives the band’s 25-year anniversary a cherry on the cake.
On behalf of the BluesBreakers, we thank all employees of this annual radio event, a must for the blues lovers of the Netherlands. Of course also thanks to our fans who supported us again this year.
Posthume thanks to Alice who spent so many years with heart and soul on blues music in the Netherlands. We will miss her.

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